• 3rd Sunday in March: tavuliata of St Joseph in Lingua
  • 19th March: tavuliata of St Joseph in Malfa
    This tradition dates back to 1835, when during a tremendous storm the crew of a ship vowed to San Joseph that if they returned home safe they would give to the poor in Malfa abundant portions of pasta and chickpeas that they cooked on purpose.Since then every year all the population prepares typical Aeolian dishes and sweets, all made available on a long table to everybody, including visitors.The community gathers around the public banquet with a little orchestra playing festively, while three local people seat in the centre of the table with costumes representing the holy family
  • Good Friday: a real Via Crucis
  • 1st May: tavuliata of St Joseph in Leni
    St. Joseph is the patron saint of Leni and his church was built in 1860.
    The people of Leni, for the development of the town, organize the “tavuliata” on this day so that it does not coincide with the festivity of Malfa.
  • 1st Sunday in June: capers feast in Pollara
    The tradition, which has always attracted a large number of visitors, takes place in S.Onofrio square. Some volunteers from the island, for the occasion, cook capers dishes to offer to all participants. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy wonderful cucunci and capers from Salina, along with other tipycal local products such as wines, Malvasia, jams and marmalades.
    All accompanied by music and typical Aeolian singing.
  • 12 th June: St Onofrio festival in Pollara
    Pollara was settled in 1600 by people from Calabria, who brought the cult of St Onofrio.At the end of the century they built a church in his honor.
  • 16th July: St Marina festival eve in S. Marina
  • 17th July: St Marina festival in S. Marina
    In the thirteenth century Sicilian immigrant groups arrived in Salina and brought the cult of their patron Saint Marina Scanio.
    The present church of St. Marina, built in 1622, does not seem to be the first building, probably a chapel was built inland to avoid Muslims attacks.
  • 22nd July: Madonna del Terzito festival eve in Valdichiesa
  • 23nd July: Madonna del Terzito festival in Valdichiesa
    According to the story, a monk took refuge in the woods of Valdichiesa to escape persecution. On his death they found an effigy of the Madonna, which became the symbol of devoutness for the local people. On 28th December 700, the bishop of Lipari consecrated the temple dedicated to the Madonna invoked with the title “Terzito” because the temple was built three times.According to another supposition the name derives from the fact that in 1622 the Virgin appeared after a triple sound of a bell. Every year it is celebrated with a procession in which the statue of the Madonna is carried in a procession from the Veldichiesa Sanctuary to Leni.Everything ends with an evening celebration with the notes of the local band, stalls and fireworks.
  • 26th July: St. Anna festival in Capo
  • August: open air cinema in all the island’s municipalities
  • 4th August: feast del dolce in Capo
  • 6th August: St Gaetano festival eve in Leni
  • 7th August: St Gaetano festival in Leni, with a boat procession
    The cult of St Gaetano goes back to XVIII century, when Rinella began to be populated by families who adapted to a fisherman’s life. They started to exchange local products with the Campania coast and from there came into contact with the cult of the saint. It became the patron of Rinella and the protector of fishermen. On 7th August, for this reason, a procession of boats takes place.
    The homonymous church was built in 1835.
  • 9th August: St. Lawrence festival eve in Malfa
  • 10th August: St. Lawrence festival in Malfa
    Around the year 1100, families from Amalfi settled in Malfa and brought to the devotion of the saint.
    St. Lawrence was burnt to death for his faith and the tradition wants that when midday strikes, the devotees start looking in the ground for miraculous little pieces of the coals from the fire.
    The church was built for the first time in 1733 and then enlarged in 1760. Seriously damaged by an earthquake in 1926, it was rebuilt from 1929 to 1931.
    Nowadays a solemn procession goes around the village and then in the evening celebrations continue with music of the local band, stalls and fireworks.
  • 26th August: St. Bartolomeo festival eve in Lingua
  • 27th August: St. Bartolomeo festival in Lingua
  • 31st August: squid feast in Malfa
  • September: Salina Doc Festival
  • 8th September: Santa Maria Bambina festival in Capo
  • October: Aeolian wine and food week
  • December/January: representation of Christ’s crib