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Stromboli Experience

Our trusted guide Emanuele, with years of experience, will give you the chance to enjoy an unforgettable spectacle of nature! At the moment the hike to the summit craters is suspended, instead Emanuele proposes volcanological walk … it is accessible to all and is absolutely spectacular …

The excursion program will be communicated to the accommodation who will then forward it to the guests. We leave by boat in the early afternoon and arrive in Stromboli village where you go to see and “feel” the new lava flow, we usually leave from Salina at 14.00 and return at 23.30 approximately. The cost of the trip is € 65.00 per walk naturalistic / volcanology at the Sciara del Fuoco.

The ascent is along the south-east slope, we start From Piazza della Chiesa di San Vincenzo,and it takes almost 2 hours to reach the view-point with 3-4 stops, we walk along a mule-track with high steps to a height of 250 metres the level of difficulty of the path is medium but the panorama is wonderful.
Once at 250 we follow a path more flat among luxurious Mediterranean vegetation, we should reach the Sciara around the sunset and we stop for about 60 minutes at the authorized view point where there is a natural terrace few hundreds meters from the new lava flow .
To descent we follow the path that stretches the typical Strombolan cane thicket and in almost 90 minutes we arrive back at San Vincenzo.

These excursions are available to all age groups but, especially for those unused to hiking in the mountains, could be quite challenging as certain tracks are particularly steep and climatic conditions particularly hot in the summer months.
The ascent to the craters is not difficult, often with steep steps and covered in some places with sand and ash, but you should be in the best physical condition and have the right equipment, for these reasons the hike is not suitable for those with known heart problems, breathing problems or poor physical conditions.


• sports shoes with good soles °
• SHORTS pant
• 2 changing T-SHIRTS
• something to eat (FRUIT, CHOCOLATE, SWEETS, ETC.)

° shoes and flashlight eventually to be hired in Stromboli.

For safety reasons the guide reserves the right to the final decision regarding whether the excursion goes ahead (based on weather conditions, equipment or the preparation and physical condition of each individual excursionist).

Fot further information please contact Emanuele +39 3334699530 or +39 3930992760