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Where history meets modern comfort.

Keeping that ancient charm, our apartments offer a blend of comfort and tradition while meeting modern needs without losing sight of our roots and the history of our land.


The Houses

As you step through the threshold of the Case Cafarella you will be enveloped by the magic of the beautiful garden and the wonderful view of the sea and coastline, from Malfa to Cape Faro. Meanwhile, behind you, the charming Aeolian terraces, with typical “pulieri” (pillars) and “bisuoli” (seats), will already make you feel immersed in island tradition. Every detail you encounter will seem familiar and lovingly cared for, making you feel welcomed and at ease from the very first moment. You will suddenly be free from every thought and completely immersed in the pleasure of a true vacation.

A Turri

A bit of history

“… next to a very tall palm tree stands a circular building, called a Turri.”

The accommodation is located in A TURRI, a place named after an old, now disused mill.

Dating back to the 19th century, it was built with local stone and craftsmanship and was originally a place dedicated to daily activities. Here, the structure’s sturdy walls enclosed a variety of functional rooms, such as a spacious stable for animals, a wine cellar and millstone for wine production, and a room dedicated to preserving salted capers. Only later were rooms built on the first floor that transformed those rooms into a dwelling and became a place for living and family.

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